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Ensuring Your Safety: Changing your headlights and wipers – Part 2

In our previous blog article, you learned how to change your dimming headlights. In part 2, you will learn how to change your wiper blades. This is an important task that should be done at least once a year, and is fairly simple to do yourself.


Your first task with this project is purchasing the correct wiper blades for your vehicle. Every vehicle requires a specific blade length, so it is best to go to an auto parts store and ask an associate which blades you need. As far as the style of blade, you will have a few choices:


• All weather blades
• Winter blades
• Jointless blades
• Metal tension spring blades
• Blades that cover your entire windshield


You will need to know is the style of the wiper arm required for your vehicle in order to replace your old blades. The following are the two most common arm styles and the replacement process:


For side lock blades:

1. If your blades are original to the car, use a flat screwdriver to release the spring lock in the middle of the wiper, sliding the wiper off the arm. If they are universal, use the flat screwdriver to remove the plastic adapter from the wiper arm pin.
2. Once removed, compare the old wiper with the new one just to make sure you purchased the proper length.
3. With some side lock blades, you will need to slide the wiper over the pin, then push down until it locks. For others, simply slide the wiper over the pin and snap the locking adapter.
4. Lastly, check to see if they are installed properly by turning the wipers on and making sure they do not pull off easily.


For hook style blades:

1. Unlock the wiper from the hook by simply pushing up the tab located under the wiper. Then, slide the blade back to detach the hook from the adapter and turn the blade upward in order to slide it off the arm.
2. If your adapter operates differently, use a screwdriver to “pop up” the tab in front of the hook.
3. Like with the other blade type, compare the old and new wipers to ensure you purchased the proper size.
4. Finally, slide the arm through the blade. Then, put the arm into the adapter and push it into the hook until it locks in place.
5. Check to see if they were installed properly.


Key Takeaways

You should replace all of your blades at once, rather than one at a time. Stay on top of your car’s safety feature functionality to protect your life, as well as others.


Need help changing your wiper blades, headlights, or signals?  Bring your car in and we’ll be glad to help you!  And don’t forget to download our free coupon book!

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