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Do I Have the Right Tires for the Snow?

As the weather gets colder and snow is in the forecast, the inevitable bad driving conditions come into effect.  Year after year you suffer through the slipping and sliding, inability to gain traction or speed, and overall difficulty with control of your car, always wishing there was a better option.  Lucky for you, by switching to the proper type of winter tires, your wish can be granted.

The Difference between Regular Tires and Snow Tires

Snow tires have the appearance of regular tires, but are created using rubber which is specifically designed to excel in colder temperatures.  While your regular tires struggle to move and stop your car over ice and snowy conditions, snow tires offer unparalleled control in the same situations because of the way their rubber reacts.

Deciding if Snow Tires are Necessary

If you live in an area which gets a significant amount of snowfall during the winter or year-round, snow tires are an excellent option for a variety of reasons.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Safety:  Snow tires offer an enormous amount of traction and control compared to regular tires.  In instances where you are making turns, abrupt stops, or even avoiding other drivers who are likely to slip on snow or ice, these tires can prevent a serious accident.  It is not worth risking your own safety, the safety of those in your car, or the safety of others with tires which are not fully equipped for the change of weather when an affordable option is available.
  • Cost: The actual price of snow tires will fluctuate depending on your specific car and needs.  However, taking into consideration the cost to repair damage to your car or what you may hit because of loss of control, is well worth the small investment.  In more serious instances where people may be injured or killed because of bad driving conditions, the ability of the tires to prevent these tragedies is a priceless benefit.  
  • Time and Stress: Tires which are not equipped for the snow can create unnecessarily long trips based on the lack of ability to increase speed or slow down.  Snow tires offer the ability to drive at a quicker yet comfortable pace to save time and avoid the stress associated with the lack of control.

Buying Snow Tires

Once you have decided that snow tires are the right option you, seek the help of a tire expert to ensure you buy the proper tires for your car.  While it may be tempting to only buy two snow tires to save money, an expert should advise you otherwise.  Regardless of the type of car you drive, all of the tires work together to allow for proper and safe acceleration, stopping, turning, and more for a safe drive in bad weather.  Spending that extra amount to change all of your tires will ensure that they are functioning properly and to the best of their ability.

If you have questions about snow tires or would like to look into getting different tires for your car, give us a call at Turnpike Auto.  As experts in the automotive field, we are happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best possible product.